Complete Body Boot Camp

Complete Body Boot Camp //


Complete Body Boot Camp is a program that is for anyone and everyone looking to lead a healthier life while having fun doing it!

If you are able to move than you are able to do this bootcamp! 

Our bootcamp is designed to not only burn fat and create that sexy muscle tone, but to build mental strength and confidence. 

During the 6 weeks we will focus on:

  • Nutrition

  • Exercising

  • Building consistency at the gym and at home

  • Growing our mental strength

We have found that by improving our mind, our body and helping those around us do the same, it creates more of a complete person. 

Whether you are someone looking for a place to start, something that you can finally stick with, or just someone looking to continue their fitness journey….. This is Your Place.

Tel. 405-698-2325


1232 N Sara Rd., 
Oklahoma City, OK, 73127