Success Stories

Our goal at CrossFit Complete West is to help our athletes achieve their goals all while enjoying the process!

We do this by providing them with top notch programming and coaching to ensure that each individual is participating in a workout that has been tailored to his or her specific needs and abilities. 

Michelle Denson //


1.    What brought you to CFCW? What’s your story? 

I wanted to quit CrossFit. I was at a gym I wasn’t happy with. I wasn’t getting better. I was on the verge of getting hurt from the lack of coaching and consistency. I had only been doing CrossFit a year at this time but I knew it wasn’t safe.
 Instead of giving up I ventured in Complete West where I tried a few days for free. 
The first day I asked if I could just get a punch card because I was scared to start over but by the end of the week I quit my old gym and signed up with Complete West. 


2.    How has CFCW helped you achieve your goals? 

CFCW has helped me to not scale just because I’m scared but help me scale where needed to be able to push myself where I know I can. 
Let’s be honest I’m a mediocre crossfitter there are some moves I can’t do and some I’m still trying to master. 
I just want to be healthy and happy while having fun and working out with friends. 

CFCW has even helped me get out on the competition floor where I never thought I belonged. 


3.    What goals have you achieved since starting at CFCW? 

Consistency! I have been at Complete almost five years now. 

I took time off for weightlifting then I came back but after not being back for a short time I fell into a severe depression. I actually quit the gym for a couple of months. I thought I could do it all on my own. After a couple of months I came back started three times a week. I remember Lillie telling me “ girl I don’t care if you are only paying for three days come as many as you can we are here” after a month I switched back to unlimited and have now been consistent the past two years. 

I honestly don’t think I would have beat my depression without CFCW. 
Mental health issues are usually frowned upon talking about but I was in a dark place and I’m glad I found my way out with a healthy outlet. 


4.    What do our 4 principles (service, consistency, purpose, and hunger) mean to you? 

Service- for as long as I have been a member of CFCW they have always wanted to help the community and the members. 
I have never met so many strangers who are willing to help someone else in the drop of a hat. 
Even if it’s something as simple saying hello to the new guy in the class. 

This is a family and I want to be there for my family. Everyday I try to help someone in some way and I learned this through the Service Complete teaches. 

Consistency- show up do the work. 
Give the same effort every class even if it’s something you aren’t the best at. Showing up and trying everyday is better than giving up before starting.

Purpose - why do you do this?! 
Everybody has a why, but most don’t think of the why. 
Usually “I want to look good” but what’s your real purpose!? 
Mine to not be in a severe depression, show my kid never give up and keep trying and all to be at the gym for my friends. 
If I’m there trying then they will too. 

Hunger- what keeps you going?! 
I keep going because I know I’m getting better. 
I’m excited for each week to see how I can grow not only become a better athlete but a better person. 


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