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The Complete Cup is the Complete version of the CrossFit Games Open or our 'Intramural Open'. This means it will consist of members from OUR gym only! Athletes will be split into teams with a fearless leader (aka as your coach) and will compete with opposing teams to become the next CHAMPIONS of the COMPLETE CUP!

The Intramural Open is 3 weeks long- ONLY 3 WORKOUTS! These workouts can be done in class but are encouraged to do at our events like Friday Night Lights. The class schedule will be modified during these weeks.

This is meant to be FUN and ENCOURAGING. The Open is the most exciting time of year at CrossFit gyms around the World and at COMPLETE! We are so excited for another year of COMMUNITY and FITNESS.


Here are some details about the CrossFit Open vs. the Complete Cup.

CrossFit Games Open:

  • Hosted by CrossFit Headquarters

  • $20 Entry Fee

  • Worldwide Leaderboard

  • Allows you to compare your scores to those of similar age, gender, profession, state, etc.

  • Allows you to compare your ranking to your previous years competing in The Open

  • WILL NOT place you on an Intramural Complete Cup Team UNLESS you sign up for BOTH (Complete Cup AND CrossFit Open)

  • WILL allow you to move forward into the CrossFit Quarterfinals, Regionals and Games

  • If you feel you have ANY chance of contributing a HIGH SCORE for our gym in the RX Divisions you should sign up for The CrossFit Open!

Complete Cup:

  • Hosted by us! (your Complete staff)

  • $20 Entry Fee- will go towards prizes and Friday Night Lights

  • Inter-gym Leaderboard ONLY- only members from the gym will see your scores!

  • WILL NOT allow you to compare your scores to those OUTSIDE of our gym

  • WILL NOT allow you the opportunity to move forward into the CrossFit QuarterFinals, Regionals or Games

  • WILL allow you to be an Intramural Team with a coach as your captain and gym members as your teammates

  • Your workout scores WILL NOT HURT YOUR TEAM by any means- participation, attendance and other fun challenges will allow you to contribute to your team in other ways.

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