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Kristi's Macrostax Journey

Kristi has been on an incredible journey of self improvement and a large part of this journey has been changing her approach and attitude towards eating. The vehicle for these changes has been MACROSTAX. Please read about her experience below!

The beginning of her journey!

Kristi's Macrostax Experience

"I don't want to sound like an infomercial but I'll be honest, this might. Four years ago, I was 40 pounds heavier when I started exercising at home and in the process, tried multiple different nutrition tracking apps. I have used myfitness pal, pound a week, Renessiance periodization, and Noom. I started using Macrostax about two years ago and I've gotten the best results from Macrostax.

I'm eating enough to improve my gym performance and that feels great! I stayed in the fat loss goal phase for far too long, if i'm being honest. There is something about eating more food that I couldn't come to terms with. I finally switched to muscle gain goal and I love it just as much (actually more because I get to eat so much more food).

The recipes provided by Macrostax (most of my family approve!!) are great and I find tracking food the only way I have been able to get results. It is so easy once you get the hang of things. Most days I plan what I am going to eat the day prior to. If i'm not working I usually plan my entire days meals while i'm preparing my breakfast and it literally takes me about 5 minutes. Planning ahead and making decisions when I'm not bombarded with fatigue both emotionally and physically through the day as been a game changer for me. I found that if I wait to decide what to eat as I go, I will make poor decisions more than I would like to because I'm too tired to care.

Grocery shopping can also be optimized so that you're not wasting a lot of food. Keep it simple. If I know I want to make a recipe or two for the week, I just screen shot the recipe and grab the items when I'm in the store. Fresh Fit 405 makes things even easier because all of the macronutrient information is on the package and you just enter it (save as a new food) and then its there for you to use multiple times in the future.

For reference since starting Macrostax in 2021, to date, I've increased my BMR, gained 4 pounds of skeletal muscle mass and lost 9 pounds of body fat. At age 43, I'll take those stats!! Learning something new and starting a new routine is slow going at first, but this is one routine you can only benefit from by adding it to your daily lives!

It keeps you honest with yourself and gives you empowerment to achieve small goals each day!!! Getting those 3 green thumbs and confetti is honestly a little pat on the back and a big win each time!!

Progress picture from July! WOW!

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