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Overcoming Roadblocks to Progress in the Gym & Body Composition

Alright, you are CONSISTENTLY putting in the work, but not seeing the results you want. What is going on? In this article, we'll explore some common reasons why progress might stall and provide practical solutions to help you overcome these challenges.

1. Lack of Proper Nutrition

Nutrition is the cornerstone of any successful fitness journey. Without the right fuel, your body won't have the resources it needs to repair and build muscle, or effectively shed unwanted fat. You cannot outwork or out train a bad diet. (especially as you get older!) You do not have to be perfect, but training hard without eating to support the training can keep you stuck in the same place forever.

Solution: Eat real food as much as possible. Prioritize protein, eat fruits and vegetables, and drink water!

2. Poor Sleep Habits

Sleep is your body's natural recovery mechanism. Insufficient sleep can have a profound impact on your workout performance, energy levels, and overall progress.

Solution: Prioritize quality sleep by establishing a consistent sleep schedule. Create a relaxing bedtime routine, limit screen time before bed, and create a comfortable sleep environment. Aim for 7-9 hours of sleep per night to support muscle repair and hormone regulation.

3. Inadequate Recovery

More doesn't always mean better. Recovery is often underestimated, but it's an essential part of making progress. You should not feel beat up, stiff, and sore all the time. Pushing yourself too hard without proper rest and recovery can lead to fatigue, injuries, and stagnation in your fitness journey.

Solution: Incorporate rest days or low intensity days into your workout routine. Consider incorporating active recovery techniques such as light stretching, yoga, or low-intensity activities to promote blood flow and reduce muscle soreness to balance out high intensity sessions.

4. Incorrect Movement/Technique

The fact is that the BESTmovers are nearly always the fittest athletes in the gym. Movement efficiency plays a huge role in accomplishing more work without taking a negative, painful toll on the body

Using improper form during workouts not only limits your progress but also increases the risk of injury. It's important to perform exercises correctly to effectively engage target muscles and prevent setbacks.

Solution: Move WITH intention and WITHOUT ego.

5. Following Proper Progressions

When transitioning to new exercises or movements, it's crucial to follow proper progressions and not skip steps. Progressions allow your body to adapt gradually, reducing the risk of injury and ensuring you're adequately prepared for more advanced movements.

Progressions build a foundation of strength, stability, and mobility. Skipping steps can lead to poor form, overexertion, frustration and stalled progress. I know, it takes patience, but keep working those ring rows making them tougher little by little. Keep working those push-ups and making them solid progressing in difficulty little by little. Before you know it, you will be doing pull-ups and handstand push-ups! (This was just an example :) )

Solution - Be sure you know the step by step process to the movement you are working to master and stay the course. Ask a coach if you need some help!

6. Lack of Progressive Overload

On the other hand, you may be stuck because you are repeating the same scales, same loads, and same movements week after week, month after month, and your body is not getting the message to get better! Our bodies adapt to exercise over time. Failing to challenge yourself with increased intensity can lead to plateaus in progress.

Solution: Work to train in the sweet spot just outside your comfort zone as much as possible. This is where the wheels wobble just a bit, but the car is not on fire! Implement the principle of progressive overload by gradually increasing weights, adjusting repetitions, or varying workout variables. This constant challenge encourages muscle growth and strength gains, preventing stagnation.


A successful fitness journey requires a holistic approach that encompasses proper nutrition, adequate recovery, quality sleep, correct technique, and progressive overload. By addressing these key areas, you can overcome common roadblocks and make steady progress toward your fitness goals. Remember that patience and consistency are essential – results may not be immediate, but with dedication and the right strategies, you can achieve the body composition and fitness level you've been striving for.

Keep pushing forward, and enjoy the rewards of your hard work and commitment!

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