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Project 23

What is Project 23?


Our hope is for your gym experience to be the BEST hour of your day! We hope you learn new things, face new fears, hit some PRs and make some new friends! But the MOST important piece of making progress towards your health and wellness goals is what you are doing the 23 hours outside of the gym walls.


Habits like sleep, water intake, basic nutrition and stress management play a HUGE role in your progress at the gym. If your consistency at the gym is not getting you where you want to be- it is likely one of those habits that you should focus on. But where do you start?


Insert… Project23!

For the year 2023 we will be learning more about some ways to improve our lifestyle when it comes to the 23 hours outside of the gym! Each month we will concentrate on ONE habit as a group and create a fun hashtag to keep us accountable. This will take the place of our charity check-ins each month.


We are excited to share this information with our members and grow TOGETHER. We will officially launch this new check-in system on Feb 1st!

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