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The Beating Heart of CrossFit

Fitness in 100 Words = The "Kernel" that unites all CrossFit athletes.

The "kernel" is a common term used in the technology world. The kernel is defined the essential center of a computer operating system (OS). It is the core that provides basic services for all other parts of the OS.

I often explain to new members at the gym that CrossFit is not a franchise. When you visit different CrossFit gyms, you won't get the same experience like you would visiting a Chick-Fil-a or McDonalds.

Instead, you can expect very different flavors that reflect the ideas, values, and experience of that gym's ownership, staff, and membership base. This is one thing I LOVE about CrossFit. HOWEVER, the "kernel" is the common ground we all share.

We may have differences in every aspect of how we serve or personally practice the "kernel", but the principles in the 100 words above and the summaries below are the "beating heart" we all share.

  1. We strive to eat real, nutrient dense foods in amounts that support our goals and lifestyle

  2. We practice Constantly Varied - Functional movements - Performed at High Intensity. This leads us on the never ending journey to health, longevity, and well rounded fitness.

  3. We practice strength training using compound (multi-joint movements).

  4. We practice skill and strength training with our own bodyweight

  5. We practice conditioning in a large variety of ways using all energy pathways.

  6. We mix these variables in a unique way that pushes constant progress and keeps things exciting.

  7. We practice and value consistency and understand its' power.

  8. We practice and value intensity and understand its' power.

  9. We seek adventure and the pursuit of expressing our fitness outside of the gym

CrossFit communities are all very unique. Members' age, coaching style, facility, programming formats, and dozens of other things can vary, but we are all bonded by experiencing the beating heart, "the kernel" of the non negotiable principles above.

Written by Zac Zuspann

Owner CrossFit Complete

CrossFit Level 3

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