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Classic CrossFit - That's All We Are Doing Today?

Classic CrossFit Programming : That’s all we are doing today?!?

At COMPLETE, when we do our Classic CrossFit programming blocks, there is often a common question…Is that all we are doing today?


YEP, that’s all! During the Classic CrossFit program cycles, you can expect days where we focus solely on the main workout, which may be short, without anything else. No strength, no skill, etc.


You may be saying “But coach I NEED MORE. I need a heavy strength AND a grueling workout AND a detialed mobility and MORE and MORE” but remember MORE is not better, better is better, and the trap of doing MORE can often lead to checking all of the boxes and feeling exhausted after each session without ever actually making progress


Why are we training like this and what are the advantages?

  • “You can't ride two horses with ONE ass” - When a training session is packed too tight with different pieces, it demands that you spread your focus, effort, and intensity across multiple things, which leaves you going “half ass” on everything. Yes, you feel like you did “ALOT”, but in reality no single aspect of your training got enough stimulus to make progress.

  • Your energy and focus is a FINITE RESOURCE. When the programming is crowded with too many things going half ass is not a lack of willpower or effort on your part!

  • So our goal on many days is to program in a way that truly allows you to give our FULL ASS to one training piece! This can deliver POTENT results

When you see a training day with "JUST A WORKOUT"

  • Maximum FOCUS - fight the urge to want “more” - try and lock your mental approach during your class towards building your mind and body towards crushing the task in front of you with maximum focus

  • Maximum INTENT - with less to focus on, you can really hone in on the PURPOSE/STIMULUS of the training session. What am I looking to accomplish with this movement? What should my pace be like? And so on… Pursue great movement and chase that stimulus

  • Maximum INTENSITY - results come from INTENSITY, not checking boxes. Keeping programming simple allows you to give YOUR absolute best for that day. Take advantage of this by pouring YOUR best effort into the workout.

  • It’s ok not to feel crushed after training - Yes, the endorphins after a long, grueling workout are AMAZING, but this can honestly be like a drug that tricks you into thinking you are making progress, when chasing that FEELING of being crushed is actually holding you back! When the stimulus of class doesn’t call for leaving you crushed and panting on the floor, EMBRACE IT, and understand that this is part of the plan and best for your long term progress.

How can you maximize this type of training?

  • Warm-up and Progressions  - this is HUGE for members and coaches! In order to maximize a single workout, you have to prepare the mind AND body accordingly. It is vital to get the chili hot and focus on building up movements and intensity to the POTENT level we want. In other words - work hard, stay focused, and get every drop out of warm-ups, build-ups, and movement progressions.

  • Cool down / mobility - on many of these days, we have time for a focused cool down piece. Don't skip it! These can be huge towards kickstarting the recovery process AND can make a big difference in how your body feels in the long term

  • It is the coaches job to structure the class to make this happen!

Some extra advantages?

Improved Skills - A beautiful thing about not doing too much is you have the energy and mental/physical capacity to actually improve your skills. A tired, overwhelmed mind and body has no capacity to build something new and improved. This type of programming allows time and space for honing in on improving skills

Better recovery - when you are not killing your body with lots of unnecessary movement and volume, you can actually recover between sessions. You will find it easier to actually give your FULL ASS to each day’s training.

Coaches Role

It is the coaches responsibility to explain the purpose/intent of the day and keep your body moving through the warm-up and progression towards crushing that training piece for the day. We are trying to improve at this daily, but as a member, you should understand the purpose of that day’s training and your body should be moving and building (not standing around) towards giving your best effort and nailing the intention of training that day. If you feel like this is not happening, please communicate with us and let’s get it figured out

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