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Steve Smith - 1 Year Journey

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

Fitness and nutrition can provide life changing power.

Steve Smith - 1 year Fitness and Nutrition highlight.

Fitness and nutrition can provide life changing power.

Steve made a huge life decision after surviving a very scary and almost deadly attack of COVID, where he was hospitalized for weeks. He made the decision to CHANGE his life for the better, and he started CrossFit!

After training at CrossFit Complete for several months, Steve knew that addressing his nutrition was the next step to creating a better life for himself. He joined the COMPLETE Nutrition program, with Coach Jenn Hawthorne, in March 2022.

Steve began his journey at 335 lbs with 166 lbs of body fat and only 99.4 lbs of muscle mass.

Over the course of Steve's journey, he shed over 50 pounds of body fat while GAINING 5+ pounds of hard earned muscle. (More muscle = Higher metabolism and the key to staying lean)

Steve will tell you that the journey was not easy, but with small changes to his daily habits, lots of encouragement, and a WILL to be better, he made continuous progress.

He decided to make his health a priority and shield himself from the horrible COVID experience again and calls CrossFit plus the focus on nutrition “ONE” of the best decisions of his life. Fitness and nutrition are HEALTHCARE!

Now, Steve is living a new life!

He has eliminated long-standing aches and pains. No more foot pain, knee pain, back pain, and even shoulder pain. Steven has improved his overall health and daily energy and has EVEN come off medications. He's progressing in CrossFit every day with movements that seemed impossible when he started…… Box jumps, wall walks, Knees to elbow, you name it, he's doing it!!!!!

He even overcame COVID a second time! It was much much easier the second time around, AND has found himself feeling so much better. Fitness and nutrition are HEALTHCARE!

Thank you, Steve, for sharing the details of your journey with us and inspiring our community to be better. We know you are just getting started

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