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COMPLETE Programming -Yearly Flow

Updated: Apr 21

At COMPLETE we follow a yearly programming flow that uses periodization. Periodization that is time tested and proven to be effective for long term success. It is found across the board in all successful training programs. Simply put, it breaks training up into different phases that vary in focus, volume, and intensity.

Periodization is proven to maximize both performance AND longevity. It is well documented and proven to flow from hypertrophy, into strength, and then into dynamic performance and THAT is what we do!

We cycle between goal based, targeted cycles and classic CrossFit served the COMPLETE way.

Here is a look at our full 2023 program flow!

COMPLETE Flex - CYCLE 1 - 8 weeks


  • Improve body composition

  • Lay the structural foundation and increase potential for MAXIMUM STRENGTH

  • Build movement quality and consistency

  • This is a muscle/strength biased program BUT we will build power in CrossFit style WODs - be smart, get after it when the time is right!

Classic CrossFit - 6 weeks

  • intelligent approach to Constantly Varied - Functional Movements @ High Intensity

COMPLETE Strength - CYCLE 2 - 8 weeks

  • BUILD STRENGTH on the foundation created in the previous hypertrophy based cycle

  • Build STRENGTH in the barbell movements and gymnastics (bodyweight)

  • Maintain excitement, variety, and the constant approach to well rounded fitness through blending in creativity in gymnastics, weightlifting, and CrossFit style WOD’s/MetCons.

  • Build movement quality and consistency.

Classic CrossFit

  • intelligent approach to Constantly Varied - Functional Movements @ High Intensity

COMPLETE Versed - CYCLE 3 - 8 weeks
  • CrossFit with clear direction and purpose - Strategic approach to preparing for The OPEN with a measured approach to gymnastics, weightlifting, powerlifting and skills under fatigue

  • Training to be well rounded with a systematized attack on all aspects of fitness with a fun and effective mix of strength, skill, and conditioning

  • To generate excitement and camaraderie through training for a shared experience in preparing for and participating in The OPEN

  • Training should remain relevant and effective for those who simply want to look/feel/perform their best. (No interest in OPEN)

  • 3 Headed Monster - Strength, Skill, Conditioning

THE OPEN - 3 weeks

  • Testing, adventure and community!

Classic CrossFit / Have some fun :) / Transition to 2024!

  • intelligent approach to Constantly Varied - Functional Movements @ High Intensity

Onto to the 2024 flow!


Do you like to nerd out on programming?

In this 5 minute video, I explain the yearly flow and some of the details and rationale behind it.

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