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COMPLETE Versed - Open Prep Cycle

Principles and Purpose

  1. Training to be well rounded with a systematized attack on all aspects of fitness with a fun and effective mix of strength, skill, and conditioning

  2. To generate excitement and camaraderie through training for a shared experience in preparing for and participating in The OPEN

  3. Training should remain relevant and effective for those who simply want to look/feel/perform their best. (No interest in OPEN)

The OPEN is pure CrossFit, meaning preparing for the broad, high intensity fitness served in a competitive environment. The demands of the OPEN include:

  1. Application of all general physical skills (strength, speed, etc) mostly under high heart rate

  2. Application of higher level skills

  3. Ability to produce and withstand volume

  4. Being prepared for the unknown

  5. Adherence to standards of movement

Our goal is to systematize an approach that accomplishes these 4 things

Remaining true to COMPLETE programming principles means that we will continue to train in a way that supports our philosophy of health, consistency and longevity. In order to accomplish this we plan to:

  1. Manage volume, intensity, and movement patterns in a way that allows all members to train 4-6x weekly while still recovering adequately and avoiding mental/physical burnout

  2. Manage and PREACH stimulus effectively that allows members to train differently on different days keeping them progressing through periods of high effort and slower, more focused effort


6 weeks

  • January 2nd - February 10th

Weekly Flow - 3 Headed Monster - Strength, Skill, Conditioning

We will be using a rotating 4 day template. Strength/Skill will be present for 3 consecutive days with the 4th day having NO strength/skill to focus on strategy/prep/execution of a longer/tougher CrossFit WOD.

Our 4 day strength/skill format will setup as follows

  • Day 1 - Heart rate and/or Structure + Weightlifting

  • Day 2 - Heart Rate and/or Structure + Gymnastics

  • Day 3 - Heart rate and/or Structure + Absolute Strength

  • Day 4 - None (longer CrossFit WOD)

These formats will allow us to train the application of strength and skills OUTSIDE of the confines of a scored WOD to hone in on technique, execution, and customization for each athlete!

We ATTACK the harder/heavier aspects under high heart rate of our training OUTSIDE of the scored WOD’s

In order to keep things feeling fresh/new/exciting on a consistent basis we will present this in multiple ways including

  • OTM single movement cycles

  • Partner AMRAP for QUALITY

  • Movement followed by exactly “X” amount of rest

  • Supersets and Triple Sets on 2-3 minute clocks


EXAMPLES: (scales and Fitness track would be included)

Day 1: Weightlifting

OTM x 12

  • Minute # 1 - 30s of Rowing @ 90% effort

  • Minute # 2 - 3 Clean and Jerk @ 70-80%

Day 2: Gymnastics

12 minute Partner AMRAP for QUALITY

  • 30 DU

  • 6-10 Strict HSPU

  • 10 Inverted Pull-ups

Partners Alternate movements

Day 3: Absolute Strength

Complete 5 cycles starting every 3 minutes

  • Bike 10/7 Cals

  • 5 Front Squat @ 70-80%

  • 20s Goblet Squat Hold

Each 4th day will be a WOD focused day where we build into 1 piece only (WOD) and run Open style in many instances with heats/partners.


We attack the accumulation of volume/intensity INTELLIGENTLY in WODS

WODs on Strength/Skill days will follow these parameters

  • Simple in setup and execution to fit timeline of warm-up and strength

  • “Sweet spot” couplets/triplets of 6-12 minutes

  • rotate between SPRINT intervals and AEROBIC POWER intervals

  • High volume of rowing, biking, shuttle runs, jump rope, etc

  • High volume of simpler dynamic, high output non-barbell movements at lighter loads, Wall Balls, Slam Balls, Burpees, KB Swings, DB Snatch/Thruster, Box Jumps/Steps etc

  • High volume of simpler/lighter gymnastic/weightlifting/absolute strength movements

  • Saturday - TEAM WOD’s - grunt work like carries, sled pulls etc involved to offset movement patterns during week

Customizing for Goal and Fitness Level -

How is this delivered to members and customized for their experience and goals?

This is likely the MOST IMPORTANT aspect of delivering results to our members.

  • Our member base has a wide variety of goals. They often train in ways they THINK supports their goals or supports what they think their goals should be. It is actually rare for normal CrossFit members to train in a way that ACTUALLY supports their goals. We need to nail this down and train accordingly.

Members will choose one of the following tracks:

All points do not need to apply, but the track chosen should describe you as a whole. These tracks will apply on Strength/Skill portions of Absolute and Weightlifting Days


  • I have a strong desire to perform well in the OPEN and as a CrossFit athlete as a whole

  • My priority is to see my 1RM numbers go up and my physical performance IN THE GYM is a top priority

  • I have 6 months or more weight training/CrossFit experience

  • I am proficient in all movements and closing in on muscle memory

  • I understand this track is harder on my body, the reward is worth it for me.


  • I value my performance, BUT my top priority is improving my health and having maximum energy and vitality. I want to look, feel, and perform my best outside of the gym

  • I would love to get stronger, but my numbers are of little importance to me in comparison to the way I look and feel

  • I have less than 6 months of weight training experience

  • I am still learning to master the movement patterns

Does their choice support THEIR goals and THEIR experience level?

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