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New Classes @ COMPLETE

45 minute class on Monday/Wednesday @ 430pm beginning in Mid May

GOALS of M & M

  • Look good, feel good, perform well

  • Build muscle and improve body composition.

  • Improve movement and mobility

  • Build muscle strength/stamina

  • Build aerobic conditioning

What to expect in a class

  • Goal of moving from start to finish, no lengthy talks, strategy, or detailed progressions

  • Workouts are not scored like a CrossFit WOD and are less intense, instead we moving for quality, chasing the BURN/MUSCLE pump, and focusing on mobility and building strength/muscle stamina

  • Light to moderate loads moved with tempo and intention. No maxes or super heavy lifting (think sets of 6-15 reps).

  • A mix of strength focused movements(think Squats and Presses), muscle building movements, (think Curls and DB Rows) Bulletproof/Core strength (think Farmers Carry, Banded exercises and sled pulls) AND steady, low impact cardio (Bike - Ski - Row)

How is this different from CrossFit classes?

  • No High level skills like Handstand Push-ups, Toes to bar, Clean, Snatch, etc and more muscle-building movements

  • We keep it simple to focus on constant movement, chasing down the burn, and the building of mobility + strength/muscle stamina

  • Easier on the body - Lower impact/intensity and steady pace - limited jumping and explosive based movements and no sprinting

  • Workouts are NOT SCORED

Who would M & M be best for?

  • those who have NO INTEREST in developing advanced CrossFit skills like handstand walking, olympic lifting, rope climbs etc BUT simply want to move, sweat, and keep it simple!

  • those that prefer to move at a slower/steadier, less intense pace for training

  • 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month @ 1030am

  • This 45 minute class will combine low impact, aerobic intervals of Rowing, biking, skiing, running, jump rope, sled walking, etc with active stretching + mobility.

  • Our focus is to listen to some great music, improve our cardio/aerobic conditioning, and actively recover for the week of training to come.

  • The goal is to sweat and feel refreshed after this session each time.

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