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COMPLETE Extras - Compliment your Classes with Strength, Gymnastics, and Capacity

Each week the COMPLETE Staff provides 3 extra tracks for you to compliment your class work

  • COMPLETE Strength written by Britney Baker - Get STRONGER

  • COMPLETE Gymnastics written by Chase Brum - Get GYMNASTY

  • COMPLETE Capacity written by Zac Zuspann - Get STAMINA

All COMPLETE athletes have a goal of using class workouts as the centerpiece of their training, but the EXTRA tracks are incredible resources to work towards specific goals, address weaknesses, and take your fitness to the next level.

These EXTRAS are delivered in THREE ways

1. The Daily Designated Extra - the simplest way to do extra!

  • This is a workout picked by the programming staff from the three tracks above and varies from day to day . It is meant to be plugged in outside of class and generally takes 30 minutes. (assuming you warm-up!)

  • It is is chosen based on being the best fit with that day's class work. For example on a heavy strength day in class, the Designated Daily Extra would likely be a capacity/conditioning piece. If we have a long, aerobic workout in class, the Daily Designated Extra would likely be lifting!

  • You can find the Daily Designated Extra posted in Beyond the Whiteboard (easiest), in Chase's weekly Competitor Document, and in COMPLETE Class Weekly Program (COMPLETE App)

2. Follow a full EXTRA Track - best if you have a very specific goal

  • if you have a goal or strong desire to improve a single aspect of your fitness like strength, gymnastics, or conditioning then following the same full EXTRA track 2-3x weekly may be a better approach

  • instead of using the Daily Designated Extra, you stick to only Gymnastics, Strength, or Capacity to accommodate your class work!

  • you can find each full track posted weekly in the COMPLETE App

3. Use Coach Chase's Weekly Competitor Document

This will be a weekly collection of training goals and extras meant to help push those who want to get the absolute most of out classes and EXTRAS

  • the class WOD for each day with "COMPETE GOALS" these are points of focus, goals, and options to increase load/skill for those who want to push more in classes

  • Small, manageable chunk of COMPLETE Extra work. This is designed to go with each day's class and can be plugged in, in 30 minutes (same as DESIGNATED EXTRA added to class notes)

  • You will still be able to access full EXTRA tracks (gymnastics, capacity, etc) separately if you choose, but these are designed to be shorter, easier to plug in

  • Coach Chase's Weekly Competitor Document can be found in the COMPLETE App and is also posted weekly COMPLETE Competitor Facebook Group


Here is a brief outline of each track and what you can expect from these COMPLETE Programming Extras during our current cycle, COMPLETE Strength

COMPLETE Capacity Extra

  • Capacity is an extra track that will focus on improving capacity and stamina in all aspects of CF. Capacity will use running, rowing, skiing, and biking along with other accessory movements.

  • "During this cycle COMPLETE Capacity Extra will be utilizing a combination of running, rowing, biking and skiing with other simple CrossFit movements. We will be using the power of ACTIVE REST! Each workout will give you a clear focus of INTENSITY followed by movements that are designated as ACTIVE REST" - Coach Zac

COMPLETE Strength Extra

  • This track will combine Weightlifting + Powerlifting + Structure. The goal with these is to work on building technical and positional strength that is required for weightlifting, build absolute strength with powerlifting movements, and bulletproof the body and joints with small, but perfect practice in the structure-style accessory work.

  • "COMPLETE Strength Extra during this cycle will focus on overhead pressing, Olympic lifting, and squatting to accommodate the patterns we are using in classes. We will be mixing in structure work of different types, as always, to keep your body healthy and strong" - Coach Britney

COMPLETE Gymnastics Extra

  • Gymnastics is an extra track that will focus on improving the bodyweight movements commonly found in CrossFit. This will include handstands, pullups, muscle-ups, pistols, rope climbs, toes to bar and variations of these movements.

  • "COMPLETE Gymnastics Extra, during this cycle, will be focused on high skill movements for the upper body; mainly the Ring Muscle Up and Handstand Walk. There are scales and progressions for all levels for every movement. Midline training will be a grease the groove style approach, and lower body is focusing on development of power in single leg movements and overall explosiveness." - Coach Chase

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