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June 2022 Member of the Month Robin Erskine

Congratulations to our June Member of the Month- Robin Erskine!


Robin was chosen by the staff for the Complete Attribute of Hunger.


Hunger implies that an athlete is coachable, eager to improve and consistently chipping away at small improvements. If you have been in a class with Robin you can easily see that she embodies all things and more! She continues to make progress each day she comes to the gym and remains humble and friendly to everyone.


Here is more about Robin:


When did you start CrossFit and why?

Fall of 2016 @ 47 years old . Why- I wanted to be strong enough in my old age to get myself off the toilet and in and out of the bathtub, truly that’s the bare bones of why I started .


What is something you enjoy outside of the gym?

Enjoy outdoor activities such as swimming, hiking, trying new restaurants , reading good books , going to the movie, etc


What is are two big goals you have for 2022?

Improve my OLY movements! I want them to look beautiful! Improve my long hall metabolic engine


What is something people might not know about you?

I’m an open book , um , I love to travel .


What is some advice you would give a new member?

Embrace the ‘hard’ while enjoying the journey, make sure to remember to have FUN!


Thank you Robin for being an example to all! We appreciate your tenacity and humbleness.

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