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Why Sumo Deadlift?

In our current cycle we are using SUMO DEADLIFT instead of conventional deadlift.


What is the reasoning behind the choice and how will SUMO DEADLIFT benefit you?

Reason # 1 - The Wider Stance

  • The wider stance of the sumo deadlift puts the lifter in more of a squat position, which engages the gluteus maximus (your BUTT), quads, and inner thighs/hips to a greater degree. By comparison, the conventional deadlift places more of an emphasis on the lower back and hamstrings.

  • Most athletes will really benefit from the wider stance! CrossFit athletes spend all of their time with their feet forward in between their shoulders/hips. This causes muscle and movement imbalances.

  • The wider approach and different line of action will strengthen muscle imbalances and increase full body strength/power.

  • It is common for Powerlifting professionals who Deadlift conventional to train Sumo often for this reason. (And vice-versa)

Reason # 2 - More Leg Drive, Less Low Back Stress

Due to the setup, the SUMO DEADLIFT

  • Places less stress on your lower back since the lifter is able to stay more upright.

  • Better leg drive and development from the more squat-heavy stance.

  • Easier to lock the barbell out at the top of the movement since the barbell doesn’t have to travel as far.

  • The sumo deadlift relies on recruiting the hips, glutes, and legs to initiate the first portion of the pull - This is exactly what we are looking for!

Reason # 3 - Less Mobility Demand

  • For many athletes, getting into a solid conventional deadlift position can be tough due to flexibility/mobility

  • The SUMO DEADLIFT is much easier for many athletes to achieve a great setup with proper position and full body tension leading to better mechanics and safer/stronger lifts!

Let's embrace the opportunity to hone our skills on a new lift and maximize its' potential to make us STRONG and our bodies more well rounded and resilient.

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